Saw Arbor

Constantly striving to innovate, VanGear has been contributing to the sawmill industry with unprecedented technology since 1994. We started by introducing hobbing to the Retec design method, which produced more accurate lobes rather than the previous method of milling each tooth separately.

We then identified a need to improve thin kerf sawing, so we created the original VanGear Saw Arbor, which not only increased stability but also reduced wear on the arbor and saw eyes by using an involute tooth form instead of the Retec design.

Ultra-Tech Universal Saw Arbor System

But we didn’t stop there. In addition to greater stability and accuracy, we also wanted to reduce your maintenance costs, so we developed a World Patented Ultra-Tech Universal Saw Arbor System, which combines the involute tooth with a splined mandrel and sleeve. This makes it easier to change the sleeve and keep dynamic balance, reducing variation and increasing recovery.

Edger Saw Arbor Technology Video

Ultra-Tech Universal Arbor System Technical Document

BCIT Manning Innovation Award

International Forest Products Limited

Riverside Forest Products Limited

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