VanGear has been on the forefront of the forestry gearing manufacturing process for numerous years. We’ve helped to revolutionize how companies operate in the forestry industry by fabricating and manufacturing two significant industry contributions.

Involute Arbor

Our first contribution to the forestry industry was the involute arbor.  It was originally designed in 1994 and has been so successful that it’s now used in 85% of Canadian and 35% of U.S. sawmills. The involute arbor’s success has allowed it to continue to penetrate markets worldwide.

Ultra Tech Universal Arbor System

Our second, and perhaps most proud accomplishment in forestry gearing, is the Ultra-Tech Universal Arbor System. Ultra-Tech Universal Arbor System has been patented in Canada and across the globe. It was designed to optimize high-speed thin kerf applications and has helped improve operations in the forestry industry.

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